Support Story

Verol   is a sixteen year old girl, a third born in a family of six living with paraplegia. Verol and her family live in a two - roomed semi-permanent house in the semi-arid West Karachuonyo ward in Homa- Bay county.

Because of the nature of her disability, Verol hardly ever leaves the home to socialize with other children she cannot access the social amenities like the latrine without assistance nor even attend the local primary school. She therefore was enrolled in  a special boarding school far away from home while the rest of her siblings stayed back and attend the local primary school.


Verol’s father is a casual labourer while her mother is a housewife. Due to the climatic conditions and the rocky nature of the region, she can hardly even take part in any farming activity.

Verol is a very intelligent girl that performs very well in her classwork. She is also a member of the school drama club, a farmer (she has a small kitchen garden),participates in the Paralympics and ball games. Her dream is to become a doctor.

The child empowerment programme enabled Verol to acquire a wheelchair that has enabled her parents take her to church, move freely around the home as well as socialise much better with her friends at school. She no-longer has to wait to borrow a wheelchair when participating in sporting activities.

Verol’s mother is also a beneficiary of the economic empowerment (start up capital).This money, she used to set up a small ‘kiosk’ at her gate. The income from the small business would be used to supplement her husband’s income hence ensure economic stability of the household. The business has been doing well until recently when she lost part of the capital at the market to thugs.

The family also had their latrine improved so it can accommodate Verol.

After the loss and with the biting hunger and the tough economic times, Verol could not go back to school at the end of term two because her parents could not raise personal effects and her fare back to school. When we got wind of her predicament, with the help of a well wisher, She was re admitted to school in standard 7.Verol is now very happy and is looking forward to sitting her K.C.P.E exams next year.