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Caritas Homa Bay Strategic Plan.

The Caritas logo is a flaming red cross, symbolizing Christ’s burning love for His people. The Caritas logo expresses charity, compassion, co-operation and peace among God’s people, the very virtues that symbolise the spirit, mission and work of Caritas Homa Bay. The Caritas Homa Bay mission is to transform the livelihoods of local communities in the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay covered by the counties of Migori and Homa Bay. The current population of beneficiaries is a total of 11,969 out of the estimated 2,420,453 inhabitants of Migori and Homa Bay Counties.

The strategic plan, covering the period 2018-2027 outlines the contribution of the Catholic Church through Caritas Homa Bay to uplift the lives of the 40%-45% of the inhabitants of the counties of Homa Bay and Migori who live below the poverty line. Through a process of introspection, the Caritas Board interrogated emerging needs and approved the plan to support the vulnerable population of the diocese through five focus areas; these are, capacity building, humanitarian and emergency relief, livelihoods, women and gender development, and lobbying counties on pro poor legislation and policies.

Satisfying the many needs of the vulnerable is a gigantic task and will obviously require cooperation and participation of other stakeholders and development partners including the county governments of Migori and Homa Bay. It is a known fact that stakeholders and partners have preferred areas of assistance and hence, Caritas will profile needs into windows to match their interests and make appeals (proposals) based on strategy maps contained in this document. The strategy maps provide an exposition of the social-economic development issues and needs that shall be addressed by Caritas during the implementation of the plan and further outline the goals, strategies and performance indicators for assessing progress and measurement of achieved results.

The Caritas Secretariat will allocate responsibility to the team of Programme Officers to implement the strategic plan. By leveraging the Church infrastructure of Parishes and Small Christian Communities, it is expected that the Programme officers will reach out and facilitate delivery of planned interventions to targeted beneficiaries spread across the Diocese. The Secretariat is confident that its Programme Officers will double up as change agents, not only ensuring efficient (good) use of the support provided by Caritas but also encouraging local communities to desire to transition from dependency to self-sustenance status.

In living its purpose expressed in the mission statement, “We Transform Communities Through Socio-Economic Interventions” Caritas Homa Bay will have effectively played its part as the Church’s agent of social development and earn the coveted reputation of a credible and trusted friend to partners and the suffering many.

Rt. Rev. Philip A. Anyolo
Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay

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