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Poultry the Hidden Treasure.

Kinda Women Group in Rangwe sub county has 22 members (M 2, F15 & Y 5), the group had been rearing local poultry at a lower scale to provide them with food and income at households level. However this has been thwarted by various challenges the group faced as a result of their limited knowledge on poultry management which has led to them facing several challenges such as outbreak of poultry diseases leading to the death of birds and theft of birds as this has led to the group incurring losses since the birds could not reach maturity age.

Nevertheless, with the inception of poultry project in the year 2017-2018,kinda women group was one of the beneficiary group supported by the project this was so because the group had an earlier interest in poultry rearing. The group has been trained on construction of poultry unit which has enabled them to keep the birds safe from both predators and thieves, local feed formulation to enable them cut down on the cost of purchasing commercial feeds, disease management through routine vaccination of birds since this is the major cause of poultry deaths, training on proper egg handling which is key since proper egg collection and storage determines the percentage of eggs hatched and also the group was trained on record keeping and this helped them with tracking of events within the enterprise.

The group was equally supported through the purchase of improved birds and cockerels (kuroiler) since improved birds mature faster than the local poultry, poultry equipments such as feed formulator, hatchery, drinkers & feeders and construction of poultry unit. All these support and trainings has enabled kinda women group to now boast of being able to rear many chickens to maturity since they have been empowered. Mama Huldah Anyango, the chairperson says that the activities in poultry management has kept her busy to an extent that she has no time to waste ‘adich gi wach pith Gweno ma aonge saa ma aketho’ The group has managed to hatch 90 eggs and the group plans to sell the birds at two months old .They have ventured into the business of hatching eggs to other poultry farmers at a cost 20 shillings per egg, out of this, the group has made a profit of 10,450 shillings. The group has been able to employ two charge hands to help in the management of poultry. With all this the group has been able to improve their nutrition and income levels