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Intergrated Programme For People With Disabilities - IPPD

The programme was started in 1992 under the auspices of Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay - development wing now (Caritas Homa Bay). For a long time it worked with Liliane Funds as a partner that now works with Chesire Disability Services of Kenya as a strategic partner organisation to implement its programmes.

We implement programmes in Health and Rehabilitation, inclusive education, livelihoods,econonomic empowerement and lobbying and advocacy. We envision an inclusive society where persons with disabilities are respected, empowered and develop their full potential to lead quality life.

IPPD gives direct child assitance in the following ares :


Pre School/kindergeerten, primary, Secondary, Day Care, Technical and Tertiary.


Physical and mental, surgery, medication, Therapy. providing orthopaedric devices, braces, crutches, prothesis, wheel chairs, tricycle, waliking aids and sitting aids.

Diognostic Research

General, Eye examination, Ear examination.

Work & Income (Economic Empowerement)

Professional training, University education, Income Generating Projects, Social Projects, Jobs placement.

Capacity Building

Materials and equipment, Construction of Workshops, Parents meeting, Celebrating World Disability day 3rd December

Advocacy on Policy that affect disabled persons

Providing sensory devices - hearing and glasses.