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Health & OVC

HIV/AIDS continues to extract a heavy toll on individuals, families, and societies worldwide despite decades of activism, treatment, research and prevention efforts , Homa Bay County has a population of 1,101,901, comprising of 530,272 males (48%) and 571,629 females (52%). Children below 15 years constitute 47% of the population, while youth aged 15-24 years constitute 21% of the population (2015 KNBS Population Projections). HIV prevalence in Homa Bay is nearly 4.5 times higher than the national prevalence at 26.0% (Kenya HIV Estimates 2015). The HIV prevalence among women in the County is higher (27.8%) than that of men (24.0%), indicating that women are more vulnerable to HIV infection than men in the County

Homa Bay County contributed to 10.4% of the total number of people living with HIV in Kenya, and is ranked the second highest nationally. By the end of 2015, a total of 158,077 people were living with HIV in the County, with 22% being young people aged 15-24 years and 6% being children under the age of 15 years.

Caritas Homa Bay is operational in tackling the epidemic in Homa Bay and Migori Counties where the epidemic is rampant infecting approximately 26% of the population by ensuring that HH have increased income to meet the basic need of the OVC, HH have improved Health and strengthens the private sector, Government line ministries to provide quality services to the OVC. The county is rated as one of the counties that have the lowest level of household income, employment, access to water, access to electricity and level of education.

Current projects running are:-


MWENDO (Making Well-informed Efforts to Nurture Disadvantaged OVC) is a five year project funded by USAID in partnership with CRS. The project seeks to improve welfare and protection of children affected by HIVāˆ•AIDS through empowering local and County level OVC stakeholders to strengthen the formal and informal HIV and child protection systems, services and linkages between them, including cross sectoral service referrals and coordination to ensure quality service delivery for OVC through provision of comprehensive HTS that will help realize the unmet gaps of 95:95:95;USAID targets in identification, linkage & viral suppression.